Technological Support in Restoration Projects

    During a restoration Project the first step for the realization of the project is the Historical Research and the collecting of documents about the building. This can be hard but it is very important as the result of the restoration project depends on a detailed study of what the building used to look like in its original state.

    Nowadays the use of precision equipment, such as the fotogrametric technique, is one of the ways for document collecting of the Historical Architectonic Patrimony, an important technique for the quick and correct retrieval of essential information for the planing of restoration and for future conscientious intervention.

    However it is still necessary today to look at the old collections, the non-computerized documents and the older archives that are in bad condition, Due to the lack of technology many years ago to effectively store data there can be conflicting information about the same building, thus making it difficult for the professional restoration of the building or area, the fotogrametric technique, cannot be used mainly, due to knowledge on this advantages and for the illusion of the necessity of a high cost and of the specialized technical equipment.

    There is great necessity to amalgamate the benefits of the latest equipment with the knowledge of professionals, architects and engineers. It is a necessary tool in such a way for the study of an existing building, also for future building projects so that records are enriched for the future time where our contemporary architecture will be qualified as Patrimony.

Mariana Zamboni