* *. The consortium geospatial opened( OGC) Consortiul GIS Opens, is much of a an international industrial consortium of 257 companionships, governmental agents the si universities participante to process an in an agreement developed specifications geoprocesate accessible the audience. Open interfaces the si protocols definite of the specifications Opengis supported solutions interoperabile his wagons geo internetul, the jobs without wireless the si bazate on localization and the flux informational and to arm the purveyors of his technology create steric complex informations the si jobs acesibile and subservient to all the kinds of applications. Produced Compatibile, that is, produced sftware his wagons satisfies the specifications OGC ale Opengis. When were a testate the si the certificate as the be reconcilable with Progrmul of Testare OGC, produced is automatic registered as reconcilable with this sieve. Produced Implementabile, that is, produced the which softwares implements the specifications Opengis but have no still the test of compatibility.( The skulls of ccompatibilitate don't by-pathes vallabile for all the specifications.) The purveyors can register their products if satisfy the outside in the specifications aproibate.( OGC isi right reserve saw again each entrance.) Open source of software GIS. Open source of software GIS a novelty but an adoption of the an industry GIS is a new phenomenon. With platform of gave the format without owner such as forms of reliefs for date guy vectors and mature Geotiff for date guy raster, as and the adoption of the protocols OGC( Open Geospatial Consortium) caq for instance WMS( Web Mapping Service) and WFS( Web Feature Service), were comed down for the growth productivity of the bid of applications using sources open softwares, in in chief for applications web and serrviocii web. The program Istoria Climei and Schimbarilor Globale. The charts were used in traditional mode explored the terra and exploit the technology GIS as the expand it a cartographic increased, efficiency siputerea analytic maparii. Now, the scientific community recognizes the consequences activiutatii humanely asuppra environment, the technology GIS becoming an instrument essential of an effort apprehended the process global changes. Divesre charts and sources of informations from moon can combine the which his fashions feign the interaction of natural complex systems. Through the function Vizualizare, Gis can to produce an images don't just a charts, but also drawings, animations, and another cartographic these prduse images permit his research workers sees the subject cercertarii in modes which in litetrar never a former maul seed by now. Frequently the images are the rights his advantage duke technical concepts about subjects of study GIS nonspecialists. The addition of the size of the time. The conditions surface of the terra, atmosphere, and the bowel can be examinate through the supply of flaped the the moons to GIS. The technology GIS give the research workers of the ability examined the variations diverselor process ale Pamantului of lungul days of his monthes of the years. An example burn be a changes of the a growth of the vegetation of the in of the season of growth, can be animated so that I cause were most extensive in a certain zone. The chart rezutat known as the the index normalized of the vegetation represents a method grosiera all hail a plants. Plying doua variables of lungul of the time shall permit his research workers detect the regional differences in the shifting of the falls pluvial and her effects about the vegetation. The technology GIS and the validity of the date to the regional scale the global si, lightens the of a such effectuation analyses. Go out of the sensor from used moon generated a chart of a vegetation is produced of AVHRR( radiometer with advanced very high resolution). Acest system of sensors detects the amount of energy reflectatade to the surface Pamantului on the many maul bands of frecventaale spectrum for surfaces of 1 km squares.. The sensor from moon obtains images ale of a locatii from balls two-fold on day. AVHRR is single from multele systems of used-up sensors for analysis surface Pamantului. The many maul sensors shall deliver an amount of date always elder. The technology GIS relatively shall help many to the administration and analyse these big amounts of date, permiting a maul good a terrestrial process of the si a good maul gospodarire the activities man maintained the economic vitality of the world and the average quality. In relate.related to the integration of the time of the in under consideration average, GIS is esploatat for the abilities traced and modeled the progress humanity current in rutinei of z with day. The researches this in area am drived of Mei-po Kwan from Universitatea of Stat from which OHAIO is centrata on on the routes individuals in metropolitan zone. A concrete example of the progress of this in of the area is recent appearance density of compliant population of the census Statelor Unite. This in the set of date, the population of the towns is showed on parcursul day and to the hours evening supraluminand the zones of concentratie the si of due dispersion of the rhythm of american north. Manipularea and these generation date don't burn be former possible without GIS. For throughness is consulted: The cartography digital rasters. Geodesy geoinformatica. Geoinformation data and base GeoEsenbahn Schverin and BukarestWorkingGroup-National Cadaster and Imobiliar Publicity. geomatica. Grass GIS. Open GIS Consortium. Sensors comandati. The virtual laser simulation System.

Coordinator theme:
Adrian Tolea, 2007.President Comision 5 SRTF.
George Ion Sion 2007. President of SRTF.
Ervin Muller 2006. Prof. Doice eisenbahn Universited Dresda.